15 Best Places to Retire Abroad

1. Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is the best-kept secret of Old-World Europe. It is well known for its good weather all year round, and its Algarve region is no exception. The climate there is comfortably warm with sunshine all throughout the year. Algarve is known for its strong safety and health care, it is a brilliant place if you are looking for someplace to call home. The coastal views of the region will simply take your breath away, with its rocky coasts, constant sunshine, wineries and much more. And not to mention that a huge percentage of the regions inhabitance speaks English.

The cost of living in Portugal is the lowest in Western Europe, you can find property for sale at bargain–price. It is estimated that a typical expat couple will spend around $1,739 per month living there, with roughly half of the amount going to rent.

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