15 Discounts Seniors Get Only If They Know


There are many special discounts that are available to seniors. Retirees are offered discounts at most retailers, restaurants, parks and on public transport. But you won’t get these discounts unless YOU ASK for them. Simply ask the question, “Do you offer a senior discount?” and see how much you can save.

And did you know there are special senior discounts that are available just online? Many seniors were shocked to find out that they could save as much as $6,000 by using these online discounts and little-known government programs. Here is a list of discounts and offers seniors can take advantage of in 2018.

1. Save on Groceries

Once you’ve used your senior discount at all of your favorite restaurants, you’ll need to buy some groceries. Lots of stores give a senior discount – you just need to ask.

Keep in mind that discounts and deals may vary and can change without notice.

  • Farm Fresh – 5% discount Tuesdays and Thursdays (55+)
  • Hy-Vee – depending on location will usually offer 5% discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (some stores set age to 65+)
  • Fred Meyer – 10% senior discount on the first Tuesday of every month
  • New Seasons Market – 10% discount every Wednesday
  • Compare Food Supermarket – 10% discount in participating locations, get in touch with your local store to find out more
  • Piggly Wiggly – varying discounts at participating locations
  • Fry’s Food – 10% discount on the first Wednesday of every month to all seniors with VIP card.

2. Qualified Homeowners Can Save Up to $4,264/year On Their Mortgage

If you’re a homeowner and you want to save thousands of dollars each year, there’s a government program you may be able to take advantage of called HARP.  The Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) was passed to help qualified American homeowners reduce their monthly payments by up to $4,264 each year.

If you owe less than $625,000 on your home you may qualify for this brilliant government program. Over 3 million homeowners have already used HARP to reduce their monthly payments by as much as $4,264 each year, but there are still many homeowners that have yet to claim their savings. The program itself is totally free and doesn’t add any cost to homeowner’s refi’s.

Like most government benefits though, this program will expire, but there is still some time left for hundreds of thousands of qualified homeowners to save up to $4,264 each year on their mortgage.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for this program, so you must check your eligibility. You can see if you qualify for free.

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