14 Things Hackers Can Do with Your Data

There is an obscenely long list of things cyber-criminals can do using your personal information. Once you get hacked, scammers will have access to your bank account and social security number. With those two pieces of information, they can do some serious damage to your life. Identity theft is frankly appalling, and some of the things that can these criminals do in your name are extremely odd, and the damage can take years to repair. If you thought it was a simple as canceling your credit card, think again. Read on to find out some of the awful things hackers can do using your personal information.

1. Refinance Your Home

You probably worked very hard to become a homeowner. From the down payment to the mortgage, a home is something that you’ve worked for years to gain. So, it’s horrible to find out that a cyber-criminal could leave you homeless. With the use of your social security number, a hacker could assume your identity and take out a home equity loan on the house that you are living in. This could leave you deep in the red, with no way to repay the new loan. Your house could, ultimately, get seized by the loan company, while a criminal makes off with all of your money. The higher your salary the more you are at risk, too. A fifth of identity theft victims are families or people with an income of $50,000 or more.

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