Here Are 15 Things You Should Be Selling Online Instead of Throwing Away

You would never pick up a pile of cash and throw it into a trash bin, would you? As it turns out, you could be doing a less obvious version of that every day. Craft-makers are known to make wonders out of used things, like toilet paper rolls, empty cans or soda can tabs, giving you a perfect chance to start selling what you consider garbage. As they say – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”! 

1. Broken Crayons

There’s a bunch of fun ways you could re-use broken crayons. If you’re not the crafty type, selling one and a half pounds at DonnasVintageLoft on Etsy would make you $13. Other listings score as much as $24 for the stash!

2. Empty Candle Jars

The reason why we often dread re-using candle jars is the fact that it’s kind of difficult to scratch the labels off. But there’s actually some chemical-free ways how you could do that and sell them for $6 or $24 (for larger sets).

3. Wine Corks

We’ve talked about selling used wine corks and bottles before, but it’s important to remind you this easy way to make some extra cash. You probably have a pile of corks collecting dust at your house, so it’s about time to make some use of it!

4. Remote Controls

Whenever you’re upgrading your TV or other remote controller appliance, there’s usually someone out there who needs your old one. Sellers make around $7 to $25 for the functioning items.

5. Egg Cartons

Instead of throwing them out, you should consider selling styrofoam, cardboard or plastic egg cartons for something like a dollar each. If you collect enough, a set of 140 would make you $40!

6. Soda Can Tabs

Have you seen the jewelry crafters are making out of these? It won’t take up a lot of space to start collecting them, but once you gather enough – as many as 10,000 quality soda can tabs would convert to an extra $35 in your pockets!

7. Toilet Paper Rolls

A thing as simple as a toilet paper/paper towel roll could be turned into an awesome snowflake or a child’s toy. Used by many craft-makers, rolls can be sold for $6.50 or even $24.

8. Bottle Caps

For both plastic and metal caps, you’ll find listings of people making as much as $40 for a pile of 500. They seem to be especially valued if they haven’t been dented with a bottle opener.

9. Pine Cones

You could make some beautiful holiday decorations with pine cones, but you could also make an extra $12 for a pack of 20 – it’s up to you! People sell those on Etsy even off-season, and the most popular ones are clean, oddly-shaped and slightly bigger.

10. Baby Food Jars

Baby food can be a bit expensive, so it’s always a good idea to get some of the money back. Once you collect enough to sell a bunch, list them on Etsy and make about a dollar per jar.

11. Empty Ink Cartridges

These could make you some serious money. Sellers have listed these in groups, earning as much as $40 to $70! Note to mention whether your empty cartridge has ever been refilled.

12. Used T-Shirts

There’s really no point to keep your old t-shirts, so cut them into rags and sell for those who would pay about $12 to $25 for 25 pounds of used fabric.

13. Old Trophies

For some of us, old trophies carry a sentimental value we wouldn’t trade for any amount of cash. But if you’re willing to part with them, consider selling a vintage trophy on Etsy. Some listings are going for an impressive amount of $42 or piecing up individual parts for a few dollars a pop.

14. Broken Appliances

Some people are looking for particular parts to fix their appliances, so instead of throwing yours out, be eco-friendly and sell it for those in need. You can earn as much as $45 for a thing you won’t use anymore! But make sure to be specific about what you’re selling – some people are looking for a particular model to buy.

15. Empty Product Boxes

Those who need to sell their barely used phones, sometimes throw away the box, causing a drop of price for their item. Simply think about all the brand boxes you have and sell them for $15 to $35. That includes jewelry, high-end toy boxes and basically anything that used to contain something expensive.


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