18 Changes You Can Make to Save $200 On Your Monthly Grocery Bill

Some of our biggest financial outgoings like rent, mortgage and utilities can’t be negotiated. But the grocery bill also makes the list as a high-cost resource, but there are many ways you can cut back. The average American family of 4 will spend $1,053.30 every month, that’s almost $13,000 per year.

While you might pay more or less than average, you probably want to know exactly how you can save $200 every month – that’s $2,400 per year. Read on to find out how you can make small changes to your groceries to get big results for your bank balance.

1. Write a Plan Before You Leave the House

Make some time before you hit the store to find out what you really need to buy. Check your calendar for the coming week and decide which meals you’ll need to prepare.

If you’ve got children, figure out on what days they’ll need a packed lunch and remember if they’ve got a day off coming up. Maybe your partner won’t be home for dinner on Wednesday, so instead of cooking up a storm you can indulge on a $0.99 box of mac and cheese.

During this time, you can also search for recipes and write down ingredients you’ll need for each recipe. Before you leave, check your kitchen for things you won’t need to buy and remove them from your recipe list.

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