6 Things You Need to Know Before Settling for Injury Lawyer Fees


2. Considering the Fees You’re Expected to Pay

Your main concern – upfront costs. Luckily, most firms offer free consultations. You shouldn’t have trouble finding professionals who will lay out the approximate merits of your injury claim.

In most states, you can expect a starting point of 33.3% for contingency fees. If the case has to go to trail, this number might grow to 40%. Plus, some law firms may ask you to pay for additional expenses.

The good news is, due to massive competition, some firms are lowering fees (may go down to as low as 15%!).

A lot of it depends on the size of your case. If it’s small, the firm naturally will want a greater percentage in order to get compensated for the time they spent dealing with it.

In order to avoid unexpected fees, discuss these issues with your firm – your practice may want you to cover expenses for travel, investigators and other needs. You need to be prepared for that and if it doesn’t fit in your budget – choose a different firm before it’s too late.

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