6 Useful Energy-Saving Tips That Will Cut Your Next Month’s Utility Bill

A dollar here and there and your bills pile up to amounts that give you a headache. Is there a way to avoid that? Apparently, these 6 easy energy-saving steps guarantee a visible change in your next month’s bill. Try them out today and see how much you’ll manage to save!

1. Wash with Cold Water

Wonder why you’re paying so much for hot water and electricity? 9 out of 10 times you can blame laundry days.

The cost of heating water or washing machine can double, triple the cost of one laundry load! It’s hard to believe, but you can actually see proof on your washing machine’s manual. Usually, there’s a list of programs, which shows how much energy and hot water you’re using during one wash.

On most washing machines, there’s even an option to use eco, or “mini” 30-minute programs that use cold water and save loads on energy. If you’re washing just a few items, there’s no need to wait hours and use more energy than needed!

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