7 Ways to Save Money on the Cost of Running Your Car

The cost of owning a car isn’t known to be cheap. While the average new car in the U.S costs $33,000, there is also insurance, tax, and registration fees to pay. And, for every 15,000 miles you drive, a car will cost $8,500 to own and drive – that’s $725 per month, though it does vary on the type of car you drive.

But, for many, driving a car is a necessity and spending money on it can’t be avoided. So, what if we told you that it could be reduced? Here are seven money-saving tips you can use to make your money drive you further.

1. Drive Like a Nun

It’s never fun to be sensible, but on the roads, it could save your life and your money. Driving safely and slowly is a great way to save on gas, insurance, and repairs. Not to mention the money you’ll save from avoiding speed tickets.

If it helps, you can pretend you are driving around a newborn-baby or your Grandma. The benefits of safe driving will increase your gas mileage and decrease daily wear and tear.

One of the most common costs for drivers is brake and tire replacements. To give your car’s parts longevity, drive smoothly and avoid slamming on the breaks if possible. The same can be said for your car’s tires, the more responsibly you drive the longer they will last.

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