Here’s How You Can Use Your Kitchen to Save Money

There aren’t many ways you can cut down on what you spend every month. So many of our bills are fixed. Our mortgage or rent isn’t going to fluctuate and our car payments aren’t going to lower unexpectedly.

One of the best ways to trim costs is by keeping our kitchen in order and spending more time in there than we usually do.

Make Things from Scratch

The sooner you get comfortable with your culinary skills, the sooner you can reap the rewards. By doing as much of your eating at home with meals you’ve cooked for yourself, you’ll stand to earn huge savings.

If you’re eating at home, you won’t be overspending at restaurants. But if you cook your meals from scratch you can make greater financial gains.

After all, that one little pouch of instant mashed potatoes you can buy for a dollar doesn’t seem like such a great bargain when you can buy a 5-pound bag of potatoes for $2, does it?

Grow or Regrow Your Own Vegetables

Most people know that starting a vegetable garden is a great way to eat cheaply and healthily. But regrowing your vegetables is even cheaper.

It can work with cabbage, basil and green onions, as well as a few other vegetables. All you need is a jar, water, and sunlight.

Stocking Up on Sales

Taking advantage of great food sales is one of the smartest things you can do. If your normal breakfast cereal goes on sale, for example, you should buy as many boxes as you think you will need before the expiration date is reached. Lock in those savings when the price is low.

Why pay a dollar more for something that you’ll need again soon when you can stockpile it for a cheaper price now?

Be the Master of Organization

The biggest money waste is products that expire before you’ve had a chance to use them. Don’t keep adding more to your refrigerator or pantry without taking stock of what you already have in there. You’ll probably be tossing money down the drain.

Before you go grocery shopping, you should look at what you already have in the refrigerator and keep it toward the front so you can remember to use it before it goes bad.

Make a List

Avoid overspending by making a list of everything you want to get at the store before you go. That will require you to think ahead of time of what you want to cook for the week and the ingredients you’ll need.

Try to avoid throwing last minute impulse purchases into the cart unless they’re a great deal.

With a little bit of planning and some willpower, you’ll be able to save a mint in the kitchen. You could use your savings to go on a weekend getaway or build up your nest egg.

Whether you choose to spend it on your long-term financial security or making memories, it’s better than spending it unnecessarily on your food expenses. Losing money in the kitchen should leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.


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