6 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Equifax Credit Breach


6. Don’t Trust Equifax

Not only did Equifax take 6 weeks to inform the public of this breach, they are now trying to make money from the victims. Equifax have created an online registry which you can enroll in to find out if you were breached. But, by using this service you’ll automatically waive your right to sue them, there is one loophole though. Once you enroll in the registry and can then send a letter to Equifax within 30 days letting them know that you are opting out of arbitration. Under any circumstances, do not trust Equifax. Another reason being is Equifax are now offering protection packages that will monitor your credit and offer identity theft protection. But despite being advertised as free, Equifax will start to charge you after 1-year, so it’s up to you to cancel your membership otherwise they will start to profit from your downfall. The company’s executives have also proved that they don’t care for the public. Between the time that the breach was discovered and then released to the public, three Equifax executives sold shares in the company worth $1.8million.

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