8 Ways to Make Money from Your Timeshare

When you first buy a timeshare, it can be hard to imagine that you won’t want to use it every year. Maybe next summer your family won’t want to take the same vacation that they have for the past 5 years? Well, don’t let your timeshare go to waste – with these 8 tips you’ll be able to make some money back.

1. Offer Your Timeshare to Friends and Family

If you’re unable to make use of your timeshare this year, then you can bet you’ll know a lot of people who will. Talk to close friends and family, or even post on your Facebook. Chances are someone you know would love to take a vacation.

Your friends might even be able to pay you some rent, this will help to cover any maintenance bills or fees from your timeshare and you might even have enough to make some profit. Why not use the money to take a vacation elsewhere?

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